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The FFI components – As forerunners in the direct fuel injection technology, our engineers had to do a lot of pioneering work in various fields.

Spraying technology

Direct injection nozzles designed for fuel were not available on the market. Thus, we developed cost-effective and at the same time perfectly spraying nozzles.


The electro-magnetically controlled high pressure pumps are a masterpiece of precision engineering and microhydraulics, peerless in the history of technology.

Stratified charge technology

The geometry of the combustion chamber for stratified charge represents the core problem of direct injection. We designed the perfect solution for 2-stroke engines.

Control strategies

Control strategies required for direct injection differ considerably from the injection engines traditionally used in cars. Our specialists conceived a suitable solution for this.

Energy supply

Cost-effective electrical energy supply of 2-stroke engines. Here too, we did pioneering work.

Microprocessor control

The FFI microprocessor control unit is a completely new development. Due to the very special requirements it was not possible to integrate already existing technology.

Mapping software

The mapping software as key to optimally adjusted engines was exclusively developed by our engineers.